Parisian apartment unoccupied for 70 years
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A Parisian apartment stuck in time for 70 years

Just like Sleeping Beauty’s castle, where time stands still…. A Parisian apartment, unoccupied for 70 years, was discovered in the Pigalle neigbourhood, right next to the Trinity church.

Behind the door, under a thick layer of dust, a 140 sqm apartment had been abandoned since 1942, at the height of the Second World War! The owner, Madame de Florian, had left for the South of France in order to flee the arrival of the German army in Paris, never to return. After her recent death at the age of 91, the bailiffs tasked with establishing an inventory of her estate discovered a true treasure, fixed in time for 70 years.

Magnificent wooden ceilings, an old wood-burning stove, a stone sink, teddy bears from before the war or even old love letters… Everything stayed untouched for over half a century!

But the story would not be so interesting without the treasure found in the flat. A masterpiece from the painter Giobanni Boldini was hung in the lounge. The painting shows Marthe de Florian, a former actress, in a light pink evening dress. Georges Clemenceau was among the woman’s admirers.

The painting was sold to an amateur for 1.7 million euros, or 2.1 million euros with the fees, a world record for the artist… The price of passion.

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